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Who are we?

We are a group of IT and IS professionals with years of experience in IS and IT. Our management team have more than 30 years management experience in leading IT companies.We are experienced in international business. IMCO (Information Management Consultants Inc.) was founded in year 2002 and is
registered in Vancouver of British Columbia of Canada.

IMCO is group of consultants with expertise in providing Information System solution, Project Management, Business Assessment, Business Re-engineering, web application development, and training.

We also customize, implement and provide support service of web ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system base on open source software for small to midium size manufcturing companies as well wholesalers, distributors and retail industries at affordable price.

What is our vision?

Every company is characterized by its management vision. Our vision is that 20th and 21st centuries are going to be known in the history as centuries of Information Technology revolution. IT has revolutionized management of every business and industry and has changed the world and is going to change it for years to come. Exponential growth of Science and Technology are indebted to electronic and computer industries.

Information is the key for successful business in a competitive market of today. Management of business information is a delicate task for every business and is essential for being competitive in the market.

Information Technology and information systems have played and will play a decisive role in managing accurate and timely information of organizations.

Fast growth of IT has exploded the area of expertise, cost of developing expertise and keeping experts within IT and IS departments has gone up and most of companies can not afford such high cost. IT experts and skilled professionals are in high demand while there is shortage of skilled professional in the market.

It is true that IS has positive impact on cost saving of a business, but it requires an initial investment and knowledge which most of the time is not affordable by small and medium size business.

Small and medium size businesses are facing two obstacles in developing and managing their Information System. First the cost of skilled expertise and second the cost of software and hardware for developing and running a reliable IS.

We believe every business could own a reliable and secure Information System using open source software such as MYSQL as a strong data base server, PHP as a web application development programming language, Apache as strong web server, and so on.

We also believe most of the innovations in the technology and business comes from young and small groups and we are committed to support such groups.

We also believe, future is in the hand of our young boys and girls and educational institutions are shaping the future. That is why IMCO group as its main strategy is focusing on, and giving great value to educational institutions and students.

What do we do?

Our objective in IMCO is to make the knowledge and experience of our high skilled professionals in the field of IT and IS available to business organizations at affordable cost, and at the same time steadily improving and expanding expertise and knowledge of our professionals.

We develop solutions with state of art of technology at affordable cost according to our customer requirements.

We steadily searching and developing our expertise knowledge on innovated software and hardware and use our professional knowledge in presenting alternatives choices to individuals and business units and especially to educational institutions.

We analyze information flow of your business, analyze your business process, and analyze inefficiencies of your business process.

We re-engineer your business process and assist you in implementing the re-engineered processes.

We identify users requirements, architect and design a total solution (hardware, software, networking, and application) for your business.

We develop our solution on proven open source software and implement the designed solutions. Whenever is needed we develop additional programs and interfaces. Our consulting service covers entire life cycle of the information system.

We have team of project management, who manage project of different size and scales for you. We also outsource, our project management team and especial skills for your project management team.

We provide training on data base concept and design, and teaching MYSQL DBMS software, web site development with Dreamweaver, web application development using PHP, project management and computer project control software tools such as MS project, Primavera, etc.

Last but not least we provide training of open source software such as MYSQL, PHP, and so on and recently has opened a training center.


If you are looking to implement a web ERP system or develop an Information System for your business by experienced professionals with lowest possible cost, your best selection is IMCO. Surely you will not loose in talking to us. We don’t expect you to take our words for granted. We are sure that we have to prove ourselves. We can prove to you our claims of “quality of service by professionals with affordable price” if we get the chance to be your business partner.

Call us or send us an enquiry email and we get in touch with you. We come and visit you and gather information about the scope of your project with no obligation or cost. We submit our proposal and our price quotation, and then you can evaluate and compare us with others.




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